The Minute Method
It's Life Changing! Realize Your Full Potential,

You are reading this. Why? Are you just curious? Whatever the answer is, you did not just happen upon it. You want something. You have heard a call, and you are responding to an invitation. Spirituality can be realized, enabling you to live a life of balance, joy, and contentment. It merely comes down to quickly and easily accessing your Spiritual Heart Center. Would you like to connect with your own spirituality? By practicing the Minute Method, you may find you are no longer caught up in the chatter of this world. You may realize your strength is within. Discover your Spiritual Heart Center, and in doing so, know the secret to fulfilling your potential.

by Carla R. Mancari
A Diet for Your Soul
Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

For many of you, the word “”diet”” is a dirty word. You don’’t want to think diet, weigh, count calories, or avoid carbs. The very thought of it all may give you negative feelings. It’’s not a feel good situation. A diet for the soul is not that kind of diet, though. tThere is no weighing, no counting calories, and no avoiding carbs. You quickly may find that a diet for the soul prohibits buying into a fraudulent idea of yourself. It may effectively promote the necessary confidence to be yourself and to be the best you can be, regardless of those who would seek to hold you down. Take a journey and discover the diet that has a minor investment with major returns. Receive a bonus, and realize your divine gifts, and the joy of being you.

by Carla R. Mancari,MEd.
A Power of One.

Eco-You: A Power of One is offered for the welfare of your health, your life and for the environment. If individual consciousness within a Nation is not stirred, the National collective consciousness becomes stagnate. It must be stirred. Our great Nation is capable of getting the job done. Explained is why it is necessary for your individual consciousness to be clean from the inside and how you can do it. There are anecdotes, collective wisdom, an ancient technique, and humor. There is The Minute Method which is backed by more then thirty years of experience. In a chaotic world, The Minute Method is a solution to what ails you and the environment. It could make the difference to your health and in your life. Choose The Minute method. It’s a minor investment with major returns.

by Carla R. Mancari,MEd.